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Month: January 2011

Black and White

The Stranglers made the greatest concept album of all back in 1978, called … you guessed it – Black and White. But, hey, that’s not the subject of this post. I’m talking movies (films if you’re English). I’ve just watched the hugely entertaining and utterly compelling King Rat (1965), written and directed by Bryan Forbes. A ragged bunch of British…

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When the well runs dry

Many writers believe in writer’s block, that strange virus that creeps up on you while you’re sleeping and steals your creativity. I’m not all that convinced. The average human processes thousands of thoughts per day. To find yourself staring at a blank page with nothing to say for weeks/months/years on end would seem highly unlikely. But, on the other hand … The…

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Blogging with Eskimos

‘Here I am, pen frozen in hand, trying to write letters in a snowdrift. The last time I received any correspondence from home, the starving dogs outside my tent had eaten the last of my salt tack. Life gets harder. I’ve used up the last of my flares. The blackness of the night sky was lit up temporarily, and as these…

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Typical Aries!

If you happen to believe in star signs, ponder this for a moment … Taureans subscribing to the western branch of astrology (tropical), are in for a shock. The Vedic school (sidereal) informs us that most of them are in fact Arians! This same dichotomy also applies to every other sign in the zodiac, bar the small percentage whose birth dates fall within a limited range. Western astrology gives…

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