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Month: February 2011

Life on Mars

The scientists have declared that God is dead. And after decades of painstaking investigation, they’ve concluded that the only thing out there worthy of note is … dark matter. Now, most of us lesser mortals don’t have a clue what this obscure phenomenon is and, provided the National Grid keeps running, don’t much care either. But to the fertile, enquiring mind, dark matter is – if…

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Enter Title Here

The titles are usually no problem. It’s the content that fazes me. When you’re tired and your eyes have taken a battering from the harsh glare of the laptop, there’s a dearth of brain cells left to work with. What’s needed is a dose of lateral thinking. What’s a blog for but to entertain? Everything is entertainment. The news, the weather, the bloke walking…

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Blogging in outer space

I sit alone in an empty room, assisted by the gentle hum of the fridge and the passing of traffic. No, this isn’t the opening of a novel but the poor excuse for a blog, from a man with nothing better to do. This morning’s theme is – how to increase one’s presence on the web. How do I, the…

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