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Month: August 2011

Oh, the injustice….

Triathlon countdown. With about eight weeks to go, I developed dysentry and a racking cough that threatened to curtail my racing ambitions and lay me up in bed at home. My modest contribution to endurance sport for the well-over-forties, it appeared, was over. Well, almost. A brief doctor’s examination pronounced me fit for combat and off I went, enthusiasm fired for the coming ordeal. You can’t…

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The Art of keeping your big mouth shut

You can think it, but you can’t say it. Well, that is unless you’re Frankie Boyle who says whatever the hell he likes and usually gets away with it. Most of us have to opt for diplomacy through gritted teeth. Every day we’re forced to deal with people we don’t like, from irate bus drivers to the thoughtless prat hogging the cashpoint machine.…

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My World

Alice Cooper’s Blue Turk, Christopher Hitchens on the freedom of speech, new unbeatable Persil, my favourite jeans, gallons of coffee, Sam Peckinpah movies on a Saturday night, Great White sharks, R.E.M. It’s the End of the World live, cats, top hats, trains, planes and automobiles, peanut butter sandwiches, my inalienable right to be wrong, the death of extremism, The Rolling…

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