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Tag: Bournemouth

The Butterfly Collector

‘What happens when everything you have is not enough?’ I first penned The Butterfly Collector in 2007 in a couple of hardback notebooks. It started, as most of my novels do, with a single idea – in this case, a couple meeting for the first time in the kitchen at a party. Peter Calliet is a property developer who has all…

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Heart of a Murderer

Neville Heath was an ex-RAF pilot who murdered a part-time actress in a London hotel room then went on the run, sparking the biggest manhunt in British history. A charming and extremely plausible psychopath who talked his way into all levels of British society, Heath left an indelible impression on the public psyche. After booking in to the Tollard Royal Hotel…

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The Weevil in the Biscuit

One thing I love about the theatre is its intimacy. Film and television does a fine job of creating tension and drama, but it can never quite remove the barrier that separates the subject matter from the audience. Watching a play is a completely different experience: as a member of the audience, you’re invited in to share the unfolding drama.…

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