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The killer is me

I’ve often wondered where my fascination with the darker side of life comes from. My writing tends to reflect this taste and leads me into areas other writers might choose to leave alone. Although I’ve drawn on autobiographical material in the past, the old advice to write about what you know has never really appealed to me. As a writer,…

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Ballrooms and Blighty

Things can move pretty quickly when you’re setting up a film company. Especially when you’re looking to secure investment before the end of the tax year in April! That gives me about two weeks to get the paperwork in for the company to be formed in time. Simple, really. Getting a film made is no mean trick. There are thousands…

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I am Spartacus

Imagine how excited I was to find the esteemed film director Martin Scorsese following me on Twitter. But, wait … was this the Great Man himself or an imposter? Sadly, it would appear that anyone can set themselves up as a celebrity and tweet accordingly. Shouldn’t there be some form of screening in place to prevent this rather unfortunate misunderstanding from happening? And if not,…

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