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Ballrooms and Blighty

Things can move pretty quickly when you’re setting up a film company. Especially when you’re looking to secure investment before the end of the tax year in April! That gives me about two weeks to get the paperwork in for the company to be formed in time. Simple, really. Getting a film made is no mean trick. There are thousands…

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A Night at the Oscars

In honour of my mis-spent youth in darkened cinemas, below are my Top Ten favourite movies. 1. Goodfellas  (1990) Scorcese’s masterpiece never fails to entertain. The tension. The drama. Tommy’s volcanic rage at the world. If you had shoes like Henry’s, wouldn’t you want to be a gangster!                                                                                                           Director: Martin Scorsese 2. Withnail and I  (1987) More Shakespeare than the Bard…

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