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Living the Dream?

In 1908, a young newspaper reporter, Napoleon Hill, went to interview one of America’s richest and most influential businessmen of the time – the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie took to the personable young reporter so much he gave him a challenge. Would Hill be willing to spend the next twenty years interviewing the wealthiest men in the country to…

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The art of being someone else

The brain has been described as the world’s most sophisticated computer. Every day we spend hours uploading information and processing new data without pausing to consider how it all works. Unlike other animals, our brains have evolved the capacity to think logically. Rather than exist in a primitive vacuum, this ability has enabled us to transcend our basic nature and assume godlike powers we can then use to good or bad effect.…

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Triathlon – Serious About Your Sport

It isn’t every day you have a book published. Writing tends to be a lonely business, with the poor, unfortunate writer holed up in his garret room (yes, I know I’ve used that one before), dreaming of success while breaking up items of furniture for the fire to stop him freezing to death. Saturday’s thump on the mat sounded heavier…

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Tales from the Fat Camp

Every morning I eat a bowl of porridge oats with sliced banana, nuts and seeds, and a dash of soy milk. Then, in a desperate bid to counter the reflux I’ve endured for the last two years, I down a glass of water and a cup of herbal tea. During this ritual, I read from a selection of diet and health books to increase my…

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