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Tag: Motivation

From Novelist to Screenwriter

Some time ago, I wrote a screenplay based on a real life murder case that had captured my imagination. I told a few friends who were also taken with the idea and, soon, a small buzz had been created without me really doing anything. One thing led to another and, through a contact of mine, I was invited to attend…

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What would my mum think?

I thought it might be amusing to compile a list of the excuses I have used in the past to convince myself I couldn’t make it in the writing game. Some of these are old recurring themes, others have popped up more recently. Here we go ….. I haven’t been to university I’m too old I have tattoos I don’t…

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Living the Dream?

In 1908, a young newspaper reporter, Napoleon Hill, went to interview one of America’s richest and most influential businessmen of the time – the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie took to the personable young reporter so much he gave him a challenge. Would Hill be willing to spend the next twenty years interviewing the wealthiest men in the country to…

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Quantum Leap

Are some people born positive? Certainly, judging by the example of athletes competing in the London 2012 Olympics, this would appear to be the case. In these individuals, there seems to be a natural aptitude to stay focused under extreme conditions, and to work tirelessly towards the fulfilment of personal goals, often to the exclusion of all else. How much of this is innate and how…

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The Outbox

I love the scene in Jaws when Quint straps himself into the chair. The line clicks on the spool. Blue water laps at the side of the boat. Somewhere out there swims the biggest fish of all. And that, folks, is how I see myself – strapped into the chair, waiting for a tug on the line. Except I’m fishing…

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