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The Greatest Lie Ever Told

When John S Yudkin wrote Pure, White and Deadly in 1972, the book was met with great criticism from the food industry in general. His views, they said, were unsubstantiated and misleading, targeting a fairly innocuous substance used by millions in their daily lives. The substance he was referring to is, of course, sugar. Fast forward to the 21st Century and, it appears, we are paying…

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The God factor

So now they’ve discovered the particle that makes the Universe tic. Does this mean we’re one step closer to proving the existence of God? Probably not. While the scientists can go back to their decades-long research into dark matter and other worthy challenges, the rest of us can wonder what all the fuss was about. The World’s longest running debate…

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Life on Mars

The scientists have declared that God is dead. And after decades of painstaking investigation, they’ve concluded that the only thing out there worthy of note is … dark matter. Now, most of us lesser mortals don’t have a clue what this obscure phenomenon is and, provided the National Grid keeps running, don’t much care either. But to the fertile, enquiring mind, dark matter is – if…

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Typical Aries!

If you happen to believe in star signs, ponder this for a moment … Taureans subscribing to the western branch of astrology (tropical), are in for a shock. The Vedic school (sidereal) informs us that most of them are in fact Arians! This same dichotomy also applies to every other sign in the zodiac, bar the small percentage whose birth dates fall within a limited range. Western astrology gives…

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