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From novelist to screenwriter: Take 4

Making a movie is easy. You just get a bunch of actors, point the camera, and it’s done. Actually, there’s a bit more to it than that. You may also need the following: Script Location Director Editor Bags of cash With these things in place there’s a chance you’ll make good progress. But when the shoot is finished, how do…

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A Night at the Oscars

Every successful business venture starts with an idea. That idea then grows into a vision – a projected forecast of how the future will look when success is realised. That’s the blueprint. That’s what all the top business leaders and entrepreneurs do before they get out of the armchair they’ve been dreaming in. Success depends upon two things: the drive to make…

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From Novelist to Screenwriter

Some time ago, I wrote a screenplay based on a real life murder case that had captured my imagination. I told a few friends who were also taken with the idea and, soon, a small buzz had been created without me really doing anything. One thing led to another and, through a contact of mine, I was invited to attend…

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WOW Interview – Dan Pollock

The Words of Wisdom Interview – a series of interviews with writers and artists, to discover their methods, dreams and inspiration.

No.5 – Dan Pollock

Dan Pollock was born in New York City to a family of writers and grew up in Laguna Beach, California. A former syndicate editor with the Los Angeles Times, Dan is the author of four thriller novels in addition to Maroc-Lair of the Fox, Duel of Assassins, Orinoco  and The Running Boy – and a specially commissioned “logistics” thriller, Precipice. I am delighted that Dan took time out of his busy schedule to give this interview.

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Don’t get it right, get it written

I once wrote a blog claiming writer’s block didn’t exist. Having spent several days staring at a blank page, I feel compelled to revise that opinion. There is something utterly disheartening about sitting in front of a laptop with nothing to say. The initial enthusiasm has long since died. The characters and scenes you’ve had in your mind for so…

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Enter Title Here

The titles are usually no problem. It’s the content that fazes me. When you’re tired and your eyes have taken a battering from the harsh glare of the laptop, there’s a dearth of brain cells left to work with. What’s needed is a dose of lateral thinking. What’s a blog for but to entertain? Everything is entertainment. The news, the weather, the bloke walking…

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