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Tag: Writing

The song is over

The second draft of my second novel is finished. My favourite blue pen has been laid to rest in the third drawer of my desk, overlooking a trout stream and weeping willows and will remain there until further notice.  (Editor’s note: Trout stream?) Now begins the note taking and fact-finding, checking research details and e-mailing prospective researchees. The standard of the next draft needs…

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Keith Talent

Of all the anti-heroes in modern literature, Keith Talent has to be the best. He plays darts, drinks beer and watches pornography, secure in the knowledge that life is too short to work and pay taxes. His criminal enterprises are dogged by failure and a sense of impending disaster that taints all the other aspects of his life, including his beloved darts. Martin…

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Mining gems from the Cesspool

Writing is perhaps the most beguiling of art forms. In fiction, for instance, we tend to avoid the more unpalatable facts of our existence and settle for a glossy approximation instead. We allude to these depths without being too explicit. And with good reason. Think what goes through your mind in an average twenty-four hour cycle. Would you really want this carnage imposed on your readers?  The…

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Who wears the Crown?

After reading a spate of fairly disappointing British novels, I decided to venture further afield. Where better place to start than America, that vast and undeniably fertile land of dreams. At first I was sceptical. I’d read Hemingway and Faulkner but doubted their modern counterparts would have the same impact. Then I chanced upon Philip Roth. The cover blurb for…

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The Outbox

I love the scene in Jaws when Quint straps himself into the chair. The line clicks on the spool. Blue water laps at the side of the boat. Somewhere out there swims the biggest fish of all. And that, folks, is how I see myself – strapped into the chair, waiting for a tug on the line. Except I’m fishing…

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