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Books have always inspired me.  My Dad was a voracious reader.  One wall of the house was lined with Penguin paperbacks.  Reading was my escape and, I suppose, it still is.  I loved creative writing at school but left with no real desire to do anything.  Years later, I heard radio playwright Bill Stanton give a talk at Southampton University on a Writing Weekend and plucked up the courage to approach him.  He asked me to send him my most recent work and shortly after I was accepted as a student on his Writer’s Tutorial.  I stayed with Bill for several years, learning the craft of writing until a period of illness forced me to drop out.

I wrote on and off throughout my illness but was unable to complete anything.  Now, several Triathlons and a London Marathon later, I consider myself fit enough to sit in the chair for six hours a day.

In 2008, I won a short story competition with an entry entitled The Wrath of the Sons.  This was broadcast on Hope FM and you can hear this recording as a podcast on this site.  I have also written articles for magazines and websites.

I co-authored a book on Triathlon for New Holland Publishers which was published in June 2012.  In addition, two further books on swimming and cycling for beginners were published in May 2013.  For details, please visit my Books page.  Other current projects include a contemporary novel and a book on mental illness.

The best piece of writing advice I have ever been given is murder your darlings.  You need to be as objective as possible about your work and avoid self indulgence at all costs.