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Heart of a Murderer

HOAM-cover-200x300Adam has formed a film company for the sole purpose of bringing   his screenplay, Heart of a Murderer, to life. West Cliff Productions Limited has been  registered at Companies House, and is now seeking investment. The story is based on a  real life murder case, leading one historian to describe the protagonist as, ‘The most dangerous criminal modern Britain has ever known.’


Heart of a Murderer tells the story of ex-RAF pilot, Neville Heath, who was  hanged at Pentonville Prison in 1946. The film looks at the twin themes of betrayal and deception, and how the savage crimes of one man caused a huge media sensation in Britain just after the Second World War. During the trial, young women queued for up to fourteen hours for a glimpse of the charismatic killer from the public gallery.

The film Hitchcock never made

Filmmaking legend, Alfred Hitchcock was fascinated by the Neville Heath case and optioned a screenplay based on his crimes. Horrified by the leading man’s warped persona, studio bosses vetoed the project and the idea was abandoned.

Neville Heath

220px-NevilleHeathEx-RAF pilot, Neville Heath, was a serial seducer and expert conman. His matinee idol looks and plausible manner gained him entrance into all levels of society. But his convincing façade hid a sadistic streak. After murdering part-time actress, Margery Gardner, in a London hotel room, Heath went on the run, ending up on the coastal resort of Bournemouth, where he booked into an hotel under an assumed name

300px-North_American_Aviation's_B-25_medium_bomber,_Inglewood,_CalifCourt-martialled no less than three times, Heath was in fact an accomplished pilot. He flew in two RAF fighter squadrons, and later, during the Second World War, with 180 squadron, flying  American made Mitchell B-25 bombers. During a night raid over  Holland, the plane Heath was piloting was hit by enemy flak, and burst into flames. The claim that he stayed behind and helped his crew to  escape has been disputed by some historians, but the story remains, adding to the Heath legend.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Source Material

Other sources include newspaper archives, accessed through Bournemouth Library’s Heritage department, and the British Library’s Newspaper section at St Pancras, London. Several other organisations have been approached for research, support and possible funding, including: The Imperial War Museum, The Crime Writer’s Association (UK), The International Association of Crime Writers (USA), and Crime Writers of Canada.

The UK Film Industry

The film industry is one of the most exciting and lucrative businesses in the world. A single successful venture can exceed £50m -100m, way over its original budget.

Films in the UK make a significant impact on the economy, representing over £3.8billion to GDP. The industry supports and promotes a wealth of skills, creating jobs for a new generation of filmmakers.

A number of independent UK films performed well internationally, including ‘The King’s Speech’,which grossed £46m in the UK, and ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’, which grossed £45m. ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ (2011) grossed £14.2m. ‘Philomena’ (2013) grossed £10.9m.

Investment Opportunity

This is unique opportunity to invest in a new British Film Company.

An initial sum of £150,000 is required to develop the script, to attach the superior talent, to finalise the locations for shooting and to package this exciting, local yet international story for production funding. It is anticipated that this film will attract a budget of approximately £5m.

The budget will be funded using a mixture of SEIS and EIS investment, private equity and Film Tax Relief. Private investors will recoup their investment in first position and can expect to receive excellent returns of up to 120% after 3 years.

To participate in this venture, please complete the Contact form and a full Information Memorandum will then be sent to you for your consideration.