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A Waltz through the Dark Wood

My volume of short stories, A Waltz through the Dark Wood , will be published in August 2023. To mark this occasion I thought I would tempt readers with a brief description.

The Girl A forty-something, angst ridden screenwriter meets his much younger girlfriend at a cafe, and hears a startling revelation.

The Lover A married businesswoman meets a charming and persistent lothario at a fundraising event, and finds herself unwittingly drawn in.

Paris The lives and loves of a cabaret dancer during the German Occupation of France in 1944, as the Allied forces close in.

Hansel and Gretel Adult retelling of the famous fairy tale, featuring the kids, the parents and the court case that follows!

Sector Nine After a government coup that threatens his life, a fugitive attempts to escape, but his complex past catches up with him.

Somewhere in Nebraska An American general reflects on the carnage of the D-Day landings, and the letters he has to write to the relatives of the deceased.

Animation Female android, G-17, hunts a renegade human in the Forbidden Zone, but the outcome is far from expected.

Christ and the Devil The Galilean meets his adversary in the desert, in a tense confrontation between good and evil.

The Libertine A young lord contemplates his sister’s arrival at the family estate, fearing her reaction to his life of excess.

A Study in Madness A prison psychiatrist sees an opportunity which could increase his prestige, and save his infamous patient from the guillotine.

California Gold A 90s supermodel and her boyfriend arrive at the luxury home of a record producer to celebrate her birthday.

Zero-Sum Game Passengers at an airport terminal await their flight, with no idea what lies ahead of them.

Look out for more information regarding presales, competitions and official release date.

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  1. Hello Adam, our book group at Southbourne library just received ‘A Waltz Through The Dark Wood’ this morning. I love writing and reading short stories, so I am looking forward to your book and happy to review it as you requested.

    • Great! Thank you for letting me know. It’s always extremely rewarding to hear that my books are being read – especially by library readers who have always been so supportive.I look forward to hearing your feedback.

      Best wishes.


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