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12 Powerful Short Stories out now

Available in multiple formats here.

Twelve powerful stories that strip away the veneer and get right to the heart of the human condition. From the tensions that exist between lovers, to the heart-breaking realities of war. Out of these diverse elements, the forging of qualities that enable hope, dignity and ultimately transcendence to emerge.


‘The characters are beautifully drawn, and real. My own preference is for the more everyday stories, The Girl and The Lover, but in all of them is the depiction of ordinary people that makes the stories gripping, whether they are dancing their waltz in the dark wood of historical events, or in a dystopian future, or just in emotions and circumstances of their own making.’

‘I liked these stories in particular, as they had powerful female characters. The author demonstrated extensive research, as evidenced in his reference to specific points in history, or interesting facts relating to a historical figure. I really enjoyed reading this lovely book, and would definitely read more from this author.’

‘Had me enthralled from start to finish.’

In case you missed it, heres the link again

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