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Billy Riley

Fresh out of prison after five years, debt collector and one-time enforcer Billy Riley heads back to his council estate home with wife Eileen. But things have changed since he’s been away. The local kids run round in gangs, terrorising the neighbours with drive-by shootings and random drug deals. Respect for the old criminal hierarchy is gone. And turning 40 inside hasn’t helped. His best years are behind him, future opportunities slipping away.

A chance meeting with the daughter of an old friend provides an unexpected link with the past. Then there’s the documentary film crew that turn up on the scene asking questions, hoping to entice him into the glamorous world of TV. Pride and a strong sense of destiny make it hard to resist. He could give it a go. Have a crack at the big time that’s always eluded him.


But the past is even harder to avoid.

People tend to resurface and get in the way.

Paperback coming soon.