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Marathon Bloggers unite

My Goodness! Have you any idea how many bloggers there are out there? Thousands of us, all beavering away over traumatised keypads. Where once we used to dwell in humble obscurity, now we have the wonders of technology to publicise our innermost thoughts. Is this a good thing? Given our endless fascination with the written word, I’d say yes. Just don’t expect an avalanche of responses the minute your post is published!

Blogging is clearly here to stay, but does it have any serious literary value? Sure, some blogs get thousands of hits and have a creditable ‘readership’ but is this likely to lead the author to a six-figure publishing deal? Probably not. Agents and publishers are too busy trawling through ceiling high slush piles to take much notice of the lowly blogger. So why bother?

Bloggers blog for the same reason kids kick a football around  the park on a filthy November day. The only reward is the sheer satisfaction you get for doing it.

I write because I couldn’t imagine not writing. I also write essentially to please myself. Although I’m only one of a vast number of dedicated bloggers out there in the stratosphere, I don’t feel lonely. It’s a bit like running in a marathon. Some runners are faster that others. Some end up walking long before the finish line. But everyone’s taking part in a grand event and we’re all in it together. Now there’s a wonderfully altruistic thought for you!

Talking of marathons, I did the London in 4hrs 50. OK – so I’m not Kenyan! But I did cross the line running, and with two beat-up legs disfigured by shark bites! But that’s another story…

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