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Time off for good behaviour

Holiday … it would be so nice!

Why stop when you’re on a roll? Surely the thing to do is to milk the cow while the going’s good? But experience proves that, whatever line of work you happen to be in, taking a break is the best option in the long run.

Taking a break works on many levels. Firstly, you get to recharge batteries drained by weeks or months of constant use. No matter how resilient you are, the stresses and strains of modern life take their toll. This directly affects the quality of your output. This is the same for writers as it is for any other vocation.

Ponder this fact: the greatest athletes in the world extended their championship careers by building rest into their programmes. That’s REST! If it worked for them, it must work for us lesser mortals too.

Boost your output. Take a day off – or fourteen …

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