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Typical Aries!

If you happen to believe in star signs, ponder this for a moment …

Taureans subscribing to the western branch of astrology (tropical), are in for a shock. The Vedic school (sidereal) informs us that most of them are in fact Arians! This same dichotomy also applies to every other sign in the zodiac, bar the small percentage whose birth dates fall within a limited range.

Western astrology gives the birth dates for Taurus as April 20 – May 20 . The vedic school says actually, no – Taurus is May 14 – June 13. The difference is due to the ‘precession of the equinoxes’, a shift in the earth’s axis that throws the Western zodiac out by roughly 23.5 degrees. 

Science has long done its best to ridicule and discredit astrology. So how can the astrologers themselves defend their corner after such glaring inconsistencies? Even the most gullible among us know we can’t be two people at the same time.

Sorry to be the harbinger of such bad tidings but let’s be serious here. If both branches of astrology are to be taken as legitimate sources for enquiry, which one is right? Some astrologers say, no problem, simply choose the style that seems to suit your personality. A kind of celestial pick ‘n’ mix. But all this does is expose the frailties of the system.

What’s the alternative? You could always inspect the tea-leaves in your morning cuppa. Failing that, it’s off to Madame Zaza for a peek in the crystal ball. Has it really come down to this? No wonder the scientists are laughing their socks off.

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