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The titles are usually no problem. It’s the content that fazes me. When you’re tired and your eyes have taken a battering from the harsh glare of the laptop, there’s a dearth of brain cells left to work with. What’s needed is a dose of lateral thinking.

What’s a blog for but to entertain? Everything is entertainment. The news, the weather, the bloke walking his Jack Russell who hasn’t done a stroke of work in six months. The hungry writer uses it all for copy. Perhaps he should be made to wear a sign around his neck that reads ‘Please do not tell this man anything, you might end up in one of his books!’

Is the humble blogger any different? Are there moral laws at work here that dictate his choice of subject matter? Obscene language, for instance. Should the blogger risk offending his audience with a foul-mouthed tirade or would he be better served by keeping his mouth shut? All these questions need an answer, but one thing is certain. The struggle for words will continue unabated.

Did I tell you the one about the man who swam 2 . 4 miles, cylcled 112, ran 26 . 2, then spent the rest of his life bragging about it? No? Well it went something like this …..(to be continued)

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