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Duncan … I’m in!

I’ve just finished Duncan Bannatyne’s book Anyone Can Do It. His central premise is simple. You set yourself a goal and work ceaselessly towards it. In Duncan’s case, the goal was to become a millionaire from a background of nothing. Along the way he encountered belligerent naval officers, snotty, middle class bank managers and closet entrepreneurs who failed to disclose the true value of their assets.

We’d all like a crack at the millionaire lifestyle, but is it really that easy to achieve? Mr Bannatyne certainly makes it appear so. But, having read his book, I came away with one overriding impression. He had to work bloody hard to get where he is today. In short, there is no easy route to success, only the statutory blood, sweat and tears to make it happen. The exceptions are lottery winners and jewel thieves like Bill Mason. But even Bill had to put in some extraordinarily dangerous legwork, thirty floors up in a Bel-Air tower block, to make his fortune.

Sorry Duncan, I digress ….

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