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Triathlon – Serious About Your Sport

It isn’t every day you have a book published. Writing tends to be a lonely business, with the poor, unfortunate writer holed up in his garret room (yes, I know I’ve used that one before), dreaming of success while breaking up items of furniture for the fire to stop him freezing to death.

Saturday’s thump on the mat sounded heavier than the standard rejection I’m used to. Down I went to investigate and found, to my surprise, a large white padded envelope. Inside was an advance copy of my book Triathlon – Serious About Your Sport from New Holland Publishers.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your work in print. You can forget all the hours you spent toiling over earlier drafts, wondering if you’d make the deadline. This is carpet slippers and Cuban cigar time. You’ve arrived.

So, I would urge, browbeat and cajole everyone with an interest in triathlon, to buy a copy of my book in June (official publication date) and send me your thoughts on a postcard. Special thanks to the Editor Daniel Ford and all who contributed in producing such a stirling manual.

Keep Smiling!

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