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From Novelist to Screenwriter

Some time ago, I wrote a screenplay based on a real life murder case that had captured my imagination. I told a few friends who were also taken with the idea and, soon, a small buzz had been created without me really doing anything. One thing led to another and, through a contact of mine, I was invited to attend a networking evening at the local Chamber of Trade and Commerce. Here, I hawked the idea to several people, one of whom said the immortal line, ‘I know who you need to speak to.’

Getting a film made is a bit like climbing Everest. Without a guide and a good team around you, ¬†you’re likely to flounder at base camp. But how does a humble writer such as myself, with no previous experience of film-making, take it to the next level and reach the summit?

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be detailing the journey, from novelist to screenwriter. I hope you’ll be as inspired as I am – to boldly go where no man has …. sorry – wrong movie!

Until next time.

‘Create the buzz, protect the script!’

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