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Ambition is a hard road to walk and an even harder road to navigate when you’re prone to stumbling. Many things can hold you back. Sleep deprivation. The sniper in the mind that takes great delight in attacking you when you’re down. People who aren’t what they seem. All these and more can undermine the most resilient personality, leaving you drained and wondering how you’re going to carry on. The most obvious solution would be to give up. Cash in the dream for a piece of land called Conformity and wait for the inevitable end.

Or …

Continue with the struggle, the setbacks and the disillusion, using the downswings to practice focus, knowing that no one else but you can make it happen. By pushing on relentlessly through the rain and the sleet and the snow, the destination will appear like a mirage made real through your own efforts. Your persistence will be rewarded with joy, fulfilment and an overwhelming sense of achievement. Future goals will be yours for the taking. You’ll know what it means to overreach, override and overcome.

So, my friend …

Keep walking

Keep dreaming

And try to live on the edge of excitement ……… all the time!

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