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California, 1939. A young couple sail off the coast on board the yacht Indigo. We don’t know much about them, but soon realise things aren’t quite as they seem. The yacht isn’t theirs. Something’s happened to the previous owners, but even this isn’t clear. There’s a sinister element at play, an undercurrent that drives the couple away from their troubled past and on to their next destination.

Johnny Boy is the instigator, full of passion and wild schemes. All he wants is to make a new life for the two of them, banish the past forever.

Laura-Mae is an actress, a dreamer, mourning the career she left in Hollywood. She’s not alone. She has her lover and best friend Johnny Boy to help navigate the treacherous waters.

But the past can’t be erased that easily. Too many lies and broken promises that stand in the way. Things they’ve done together that can’t be forgiven.

(Indigo Blue will be published on kindle and in paperback in February 2022)

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