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Adam Dickson Posts

Who wears the Crown?

After reading a spate of fairly disappointing British novels, I decided to venture further afield. Where better place to start than America, that vast and undeniably fertile land of dreams. At first I was sceptical. I’d read Hemingway and Faulkner but doubted their modern counterparts would have the same impact. Then I chanced upon Philip Roth. The cover blurb for…

Work on a Sunday?

I really shouldn’t be doing this. I made a deal with myself that I’d have at least one day off each week. Now, here I am Sunday morning, firing up the word machine to indulge in a little sneaky writing while the sausages are smouldering under the grill. I’m new to this blogging lark. Before, my innermost thoughts were confined to…

The Outbox

I love the scene in Jaws when Quint straps himself into the chair. The line clicks on the spool. Blue water laps at the side of the boat. Somewhere out there swims the biggest fish of all. And that, folks, is how I see myself – strapped into the chair, waiting for a tug on the line. Except I’m fishing…

In at the Deep End

‘In at the Deep End’ – my entry in the 2007 Ironman UK Triathlon. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle, 26.2 mile run.