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Life as a QR code

Imagine how many bloggers there are out there, filling the world with unsolicited text. Solitary voices in cyberspace, looking for recognition. I began to wonder at the purpose of it all. What drives us ordinary mortals to pen these quaint little ramblings? Surely, we all have better things to do? For one thing it’s practise, I suppose. The more you do,…


I had a good day today. I got up around nine and had the first of many cups of coffee. Then I hit the laptop and posted an interview with fellow writer James Manlow. Following this, I updated posts for my novel The Butterfly Collector, for Twitter and Facebook, and headed back downstairs for a spot of restorative T’ai Chi. Actually, I didn’t do it in that order at all, but, hey, this is supposed to be random!

Did you enjoy your meal, Sir?

Why do the English accept such dilatory and unsatisfactory service in pubs and restaurants when they have every right to complain? Think about that wonderful scene in Fawlty Towers when the American guest complains to Basil about his illusive Waldorf Salad. Wouldn’t we all like to be as pro-active in our remonstrances with negligent members of staff? I’m not one…