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Peter Calliet – miscreant or misunderstood?



‘A spoilt, commitment-phobic womaniser and control freak.’

‘Misogynist with a building site attitude to women.’

These are but a few of the many comments by female readers aimed at Peter Calliet, the main protagonist in my first novel The Butterfly Collector. As the author and creator, I suppose I should rush to his defence like the parent of a badly behaved child. Instead, I will say how delighted – and surprised – I am at such a reaction. During the writing of the early drafts, I had no idea that this, admittedly, morose and cynical character would, in fact, elicit such a powerful response in so many readers.

Judge for yourself. Download a copy and spend a few hours in deliberation. Does Peter Calliet have any redeeming features at all in your eyes, or is he utterly reprehensible as the general consensus suggests?

When you’ve reached your verdict, do let me know. I’d be delighted to hear that he does have at least one supporter. If not, that’s fine. He’ll have to be consigned to the drawer marked ‘Villainous’ along with Bill Sikes and Patrick Bateman.

Happy reading!

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