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Surfing the Edge: a survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder affects around one-percent of the population. Its symptoms range from suicidal depression to full-blown mania, where the individual believes him or herself to have godlike powers.

Surfing the Edgea survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder is the testament of three people who’ve experienced the illness first hand and lived to talk about it. The stories are honest and revealing, and give an insight into the extremes that ravage lives and cast a long shadow.

By sharing these painful, but sometimes humorous, experiences, we hope to encourage those with the illness, and to inform family, friends and carers that a full and rewarding life can be lived in spite of the many challenges.

The book has taken over three years to compile, and has been through several drafts and structural changes. In January 2015, we videoed an interview with Alastair, Faye, and me – the three bipolar subjects in the book, and Mental Health Lecturer and Practitioner, Chris Kelly, who asks the questions.

The intended publication date is 6th October 2015 – National Bipolar Awareness Day. For full details of the support available from this organisation, please click here:

If you would like to pre-order a copy of Surfing the Edgea survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder, please contact me here.

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  1. Alastair Donald Alastair Donald

    Can’t wait to read the book, know how much time & effort you took in compiling it. As you & I know being Bipolar can be an extraORDINARY condition 🙂 xx

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