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Surfing the Edge: a survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder – The Launch!

Bipolar Disorder affects around 60 million people worldwide. Its symptoms range from black depression to a high-octane mania that burns itself out like a plane crash landing on the runway. Unlike many illnesses, it is rarely suffered in isolation, but has a direct impact on the family and the community at large.

To coincide with National Bipolar Awareness Day on 6th October, we have published Surfing the Edge: a survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder. In it, we discuss all aspects of the illness, how it has directly impacted our lives, and what measures we’ve taken to bring it under control.

Available for £3.99 on Kindle from Amazon – paperback to be published soon.


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  1. Alex delarge Alex delarge

    Read excerpts from the online book!
    Fascinating and honest appraisal of a much misunderstood illness .
    This book should be published in paperback to reach a wider audience for both personal and educational purposes.


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