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Surfing the Edge: a survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder – The Launch!

Bipolar Disorder affects around 60 million people worldwide. Its symptoms range from black depression to a high-octane mania that burns itself out like a plane crash landing on the runway. Unlike many illnesses, it is rarely suffered in isolation, but has a direct impact on the family and the community at large. To coincide with National Bipolar Awareness Day on…

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Villain of the Piece

What qualities do you look for in a fictional character? Someone who helps old ladies across the road? Someone who puts all their spare time and effort into furthering the interests of mankind? I very much doubt it. And yet when it comes to the bad guy there’s an almost universal desire to see him (or her) suffer. Ever since David slew…

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Surfing the Edge: a survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder affects around one-percent of the population. Its symptoms range from suicidal depression to full-blown mania, where the individual believes him or herself to have godlike powers. Surfing the Edge: a survivor’s guide to bipolar disorder is the testament of three people who’ve experienced the illness first hand and lived to talk about it. The stories are honest and revealing, and…

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The Weevil in the Biscuit

One thing I love about the theatre is its intimacy. Film and television does a fine job of creating tension and drama, but it can never quite remove the barrier that separates the subject matter from the audience. Watching a play is a completely different experience: as a member of the audience, you’re invited in to share the unfolding drama.…

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How to Make a Killing on Camera

I’ve written a blog which is featured on the Burnt Toast website and it gives you more detail about my film project!

Burnt Toast provide services for writers and I was honoured to be asked by its Founder, Dr Susan England, to write a piece for the site.

Let me know what you think…

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A Night at the Oscars

Every successful business venture starts with an idea. That idea then grows into a vision – a projected forecast of how the future will look when success is realised. That’s the blueprint. That’s what all the top business leaders and entrepreneurs do before they get out of the armchair they’ve been dreaming in. Success depends upon two things: the drive to make…

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Ballrooms and Blighty

Things can move pretty quickly when you’re setting up a film company. Especially when you’re looking to secure investment before the end of the tax year in April! That gives me about two weeks to get the paperwork in for the company to be formed in time. Simple, really. Getting a film made is no mean trick. There are thousands…

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